Streamlined, Verifiable Financial Research

Mixpeek ingests all financial assets so analysts can streamline their model creation process with verifiable, referenceable information.

Ingest Assets

Point the mixpeek agent to your source of 10-Ks (pdfs), 8-Ks (xls), earnings calls (audio) and more.

Ask Questions

Ask Google-like questions to understand a company's debt, their competition and more.

Select Answers

Receive a list of results in order of accuracy that spans all of these assets, select the most accurate.

Embed References

Embed the exact location of where the answer lies within your model.

Why Do Anything?

  • Save time
    By quickly and easily identifying and referencing specific terms, analysts can streamline their research process and focus on analyzing the data.
  • Improve accuracy
    With the ability to easily track and verify information sources, analysts can reduce the risk of errors and misinterpretations that can arise from manually sourcing and referencing data.
  • Scale your research
    By automating the data sourcing and referencing process, analysts can free up time and resources for more high-level analysis and decision-making.

Why Mixpeek?

  • Automatic Indexing
    Select any source. It can be online news mentioning a company (HTML), earnings calls (Audio), financial statements (PDFs), product announcements (Video), profit and loss statements (Spreadsheet), and more.
  • Ask natural questions
    Mixpeek uses the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, which enable you to ask Google-like questions.
  • Scale infinitely
    Mixpeek is well-suited for digesting large volumes of data and providing the exact referencable source.
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Why Now?

  • Competitive pressures
    By streamlining the research and referencing process gives firms a competitive advantage by allowing them to produce more accurate and comprehensive analysis faster than their competitors.
  • Market volatility
    By allowing analysts to quickly access and reference key financial data could help them respond more rapidly to changing market conditions, potentially reducing the risk of missed opportunities or costly mistakes.
  • Regulatory compliance
    Automating the research and referencing process helps firms comply with these requirements more efficiently and with greater accuracy, reducing the risk of noncompliance and regulatory penalties. In addition, timely and accurate financial analysis can help firms to identify potential compliance risks before they become more significant issues.

What will you build?

Upgrade your software with an intelligent file store in two lines of code.

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