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Harness the power of AI to perform contextual searches across videos, images, audio, and text, in a single line of code. Tailored for you.

What is Multimodal Search?

You probably need it without realizing

Users Can't Find Content

Google, Facebook, and TikTok have shaped our search behavior and shaped expectations for your platform.

Tagging Content is Tedious

Content specialists spend their days finding timestamps, frames, and text snippets across thousands of files.

Training Models is Expensive

ML, Devops and software engineers command over $100k. Then need to figure out hosting, versioning and scaling models.

Delight Users With

Contextual, Multimodal Search

Custom models to extract key features from every file type such as action, object, theme, text, speech, people and more.

Media Ingestion

Files are transmitted securely where they are parsed and chunked

Feature Extraction

Themes, objects and concepts are pulled depending on your preferences

Content Searching

Natural language, contextual search the spans all your ingested content

What are others building?

Content Discovery

Locate activities, actions themes and more that span across any file type and get exact timestamps, images, paragraphs, and more.


Users can upload an image or describe the product they're interested in, and the search engine will find similar or related products.

Media Streaming

Help users find specific content within videos, images, audio, or text such as a particular scene within a movie, dialogue, or song.

Education Technology

Assist learners in finding specific parts of a lecture, textbook references, or multimedia learning resources.

News and Media

Accurately find and categorize news clips, interviews, images, or articles based on specific queries. Curate and deliver news and information to your audience.

Digital Marketing

Identify trends, sentiments, and specific content within a vast array of online media. This can help in crafting more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

...and YOU can too!


Point Mixpeek to your file or directory. Wherever it is, we'll handle the rest. Technical Explanation


One question that spans all your content, with answers and references. Search API


Fine-tune your own personal Mixpeek model for specific use-cases and recomendations.

# index any file type 
mixpeek.index(["video.mp4", "audio.mp3", ...])

# search across all results"man and woman celebrating")

# tune the model to your liking, feedback_score=8)
Start Building

Focus on your users, let us handle the...

Parsing and Chunking

Powerful AI delivers context-specific search and insights, replacing ineffective keyword tagging.

Fine-Tuning and Re-Ranking

Training machine learning models to better understand the nuances of content and a user's search intent.

Inference and Scaling

Performing inference on GPUs, while handling high request volume and maintaining industry SLAs.

Mixpeek's Strengths

Faster, cheaper and more accurate. With a single line of code.

Improve Speed

By distributing the extraction and search workloads, our servers index and search faster than the competition.

Reduce Spend

Guaranteed 30% more affordable than your current file indexing and searching approach.

Increase Conversions

Through state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs), we're able to understand user intentions.

Watch a demo or navigate one yourself.

Managed Intelligent File Store

Fully managed, production-ready

Easy to Use

Get started on the free plan with an easy-to-use API or the Python client.


Scale from zero to billions of items, with no downtime and minimal latency impact.

Pay for What you Use

Start free, then pay only for what you use with usage-based pricing.

Free Forever Tier

We will never charge you if you maintain under the file quota. Learn more


Choose a cloud provider and region — we'll take care of uptime, consistency, and the rest.


Mixpeek is SOC 2 Type II and GDPR-ready. It's built to keep data secure. See our security stance.

What will you build?

Upgrade your software with multimodal understanding in one line of code.

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