Multimodal pipelines for your current database.

Mixpeek prepares your existing database for generative AI. Documents, text, images, videos, audio we do it all. Sync once and never think about vectors again.

How does it work?

Connect Storage

Open a secure connection to your database or object storage for real-time processing.

Our security stance

Set and Forget

We do all the heavy lifting including parsing, extraction and inference while you sit back.

Build GenAI Apps

Use your existing stack to build custom AI apps on top of fresh data, nothing new to learn.

Focus on your users, let us handle the...

Real-Time Replication

Every change, no matter where or in what form gets sent to our processing pipeline in real-time.

Extraction and Embedding

Pull out the important bits and convert them into vectors that can be used for AI.

Inference and Scaling

Everything is sent to our GPU cluster for inference then returned to your database, all in real-time.

Zero Platform Risk

self-host or completely managed

Easy to Use

Get started on the free plan with an easy-to-use API or the Python client.


Scale from zero to billions of items, with no downtime and minimal latency impact.

Pay for What you Use

Start free, then pay only for what you use with usage-based pricing.

Free Forever Tier

We will never charge you if you maintain under the file quota.


Choose a cloud provider and region — we'll take care of uptime, consistency, and the rest.


mixpeek is SOC 2 Type II and GDPR-ready. It's built to keep data secure. See our security stance.

Become a multimodal maker.

Upgrade your software with multimodal understanding in one line of code.